Bridge of Spies


DISCLAIMER – MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS : I finish my Oscar Best Picture binge with Bridge of Spies.  Mark Rylance, my top candidate for Best Supporting Actor, really stole the spotlight (see what I did there?).  I would like to give best picture to Bridge of Spies because of the messages that the movie had.

With a cast filled with white male leads one would not peg it as a movie that highlights how ignorance effects our nation but it is by far the most empathetic movie nominated.  You have a Soviet spy who is caught and is hated by the entire United States and rightfully so when most American’s are told that he’s gaining intelligence for the Soviet Union for the “impending” war.  This isn’t false information but how you present it does affect your audience.  One could also view Abel as a man acting honorably for his country who is a traitor to no one and is doing his job.  The only reason that we view the Soviets or ANYONE that is different from us this way (this also applies to how our own country is divided) is because we stand on a different “side” then our opposer.  We create these “side’s” because of our ignorance and we’re scared of what we don’t know.

What I really want to talk about is Mark Rylance’s character.  You have a Soviet spy that is being incarcerated by the United States Government.  He has no one to turn to but a man that at first is reluctant to take his case but is an honorable man none the less.  With every proceeding scene you can tell that Abel trusts Tom Hank’s character, James Donovan, more and more.  I even teared up after the first half and couldn’t hold myself together by the end.  During the exchange, it is stated by Abel that they’ll either embrace him or show him the back seat of the car; the latter meaning death.  The willingness of Abel to cooperate with Donovan shows the bond they created during the trials and that’s when I broke down.  It shows two normal men meeting under drastic circumstances but are able to understand each other even though they are on different “side’s”.

This story as a whole talks about our unsung heroes those that do what they do without seeking acknowledgement.  All good deed’s shouldn’t expect acknowledgement but damn it it feels good when you do.

Life might be hard at times but you just need to remember…

James Donovan: Aren’t you worried?

Rudolf Abel: Would it help?

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