Inside Out

DISCLAIMER – WATCH THE MOVIE FIRST : I love Pixar films.  Even before trailers came out for Inside Out I was in.  The interpretation and exploration of the human mind was astounding; I dare say that Inside Out is Pixar’s most authentic and visionary idea.

Our story is set in San Francisco; which is where Pixar started.  Many stories that are “created” by writers are through personal experiences, and I don’t think Inside Out is any different.  In the documentary The Pixar Story, John Lasseter mentions, when working on Toy Story, that his absence at home was tough on his family.  I can’t help but think that Riley’s experiences correlate with the family members of any of the Pixar team.  These feelings of abandonment or change are common amongst most people especially with children.

tumblr_md87j1d4eH1qhie48o1_r2_250You can take the move from Minneapolis to San Francisco as a metaphor for growing up.  Sure, we all grow up differently and have different experiences but what we’ll all have are those monumental moments that change our lives.  Whether you like it or not, life is always changing whether it be the setting or the people that you’re surrounded by.  People sometimes grow apart, and that’s okay, it’s a part of life. In the film, bridges are literally broken down and rebuilt; which is what happens to all of us as life goes on.

One of the most fascinating parts about watching movies is the creation of the world.  Most movies have some kind of blueprint but Inside Out practically was bound by nothing.  They had to take actions and emotions and translate how it would look like in reality.

During the credit sequence when we view the minds of other animals and people I couldn’t help but notice that there were no elderly people in the movie.  In the Toy Story series we grew old with Andy and I believe that’s exactly what we’re going to do with Riley.  I believe that they withheld elderly people, from the credit gags, because they want to use it as a “fresh” new concept for movies to come and the movie was as complex as it needed to be already. There will be sequels but whether or not they’re good is beyond me but I have my full faith in Pixar to deliver.

I look forward to my second run at puberty.